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James B. Reames
Forensic Audio Examiner and President

JBR Technology, Inc. was established in 1993 and is a nationally recognized forensic laboratory that provides the full range of audio and video services to both the private and government sectors. The company has the latest analog and digital playback, analysis, enhancement, and recording equipment, and maintains an extensive collection of obsolete, unusual and multi-track logging equipment to play back special recordings. JBR Technology designs, manufactures and sells custom equipment designed to safely and accurately play back and transcribe microcassettes, standard cassettes, compact discs (CD-R's) and the sound tracks of video recordings.

The company distributes and markets an advanced software program specifically designed to analyze noisy, hard-to-understand voice recordings and identify the noise sources and problems that are reducing the intelligibility of the recording. This program has an extensive suite of software based filter modules that run in real-time to correct these problems.

The principal examiner, James B. Reames (MS Forensic Science), retired from the FBI with over thirty years of service. Mr. Reames was a Supervisory Special Agent and a qualified expert at the FBI. Mr. Reames managed the FBI Audio Tape Laboratory, Tape Recording Capability, and Research and Development Activities. In this capacity, he supervised: the staff of forensic examiners that conducted audio and video tape examinations for the FBI, other Federal agencies, State and local law enforcement agencies and foreign governments; the technical staff that developed and maintained the FBI's nationwide recording capability; and the staff of research scientists responsible for developing the next generation of electronic surveillance and recording equipment for the FBI. While at the FBI, he was responsible for the development of two miniature recorders, two large recorders and three voice enhancement systems.

Mr. Reames holds two Patents. One issued in 1998, for an Adaptive Voice Enhancing System and one issued in 1999, for a Digital Stereo Transmitter/Receiver System. He has two additional Patents pending on Digital Recordings. Mr. Reames lectures at national meetings and training seminars regarding forensic audio examinations, techniques and equipment.

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