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   Our Background in Recording Analysis

Professional Qualifications of James B. Reames

B.A. in Business Administration, l969
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
M.S. in Forensic Science, l973
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Specialized Courses:
Digital Signal Processing, University of Utah
Tape Recorder Technology, Kudelski, SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
Signal Analysis, Scientific Atlanta, San Diego, CA and Tektronix, Raleigh, NC
Technical Security Counter Measures Training, U.S.Government


l958 - l990 Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C.


  • The analyses of audio tapes to improve intelligibility, to identify non-voice signals, and to determine authenticity of magnetic tape recordings submitted by Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies
  • The management of the FBI's Tape Enhancement Laboratory.
  • The management of the FBI's Tape Recording Capability
  • The management of the FBI's Research and Development Activities.
  • The management of the FBI's Technical Security Counter measures programs and Tempest Programs.

1990 - 1992 Director of Sales and Marketing, Digital Audio Corporation, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Responsible for world-wide sales and marketing of advanced Digital Signal Processing Systems to enhance voice intelligibility.

1993 Founded JBR Technology, Inc.

Develop and market high technology electronic equipment for Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities.

Conduct analysis of audio tapes and audio tracks of video recordings to: enhance speech intelligibility, detect and identify alterations and/or tampering, and determine the origin of acoustic events. Conduct the following forensic examinations:
  1. Audio Tape Playback/Duplication/Copying.
  2. Speech Enhancement.
  3. Transcription/Translation Services.
  4. Tape Authenticity/Continuity.
  5. Signal Analysis.
  6. Presentation/Playback of Tape Recordings.
  7. Other Forensic Examinations.
  8. Expert Testimony/Consulting.
  9. Video Tape Examinations.


  • Audio Engineering Society
  • The Acoustical Society of America
  • The International Association for Identification
  • The American Institute of Physics
  • Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI


  • Developed two miniature body recorders that became the standard for the law enforcement community. Developed self-verification, heavy duty tape recorder.
  • Developed three Digital Signal Enhancement Filter Systems.
  • Chairman of the working group writing the proposed standards for Audio Enhancement for the Audio Engineering Society.
  • Co-author of the paper entitled: "Real-Time Digital Laboratory Enhancement of Degraded Law Enforcement Tape Recordings."
  • Served as an instructor in digital signal processing to law enforcement agencies.


  • United States Letters Patent No.5,748,752 issued on May 5,1998, for Adaptive Voice Enhancing System.
  • United States Letters Patent No.5,873,026 issued on February 16,1999, for Digital Stereo Transmitter/Receiver System.

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