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Recording Capability

  1. The system can make one MD copy of any ANALOG stereo signal.
  2. Can make a MD of the Analog output of any External Playback unit - Microcassette, Minicassette, standard cassette, open reel, Sony NT-2, CD's, DAT's, Nagra SNST's & JBR's, and others.
  3. The system can make one MD copy of any DIGITAL signal.
  4. Can make a MD of the Digital output of External Playback units - Sony NT-2, CD's, DAT's, MD's and others.)

Recorder Special Features - Timer/Track Increment Circuit

  1. The system has an electronic timer/track increment circuit. This Circuit starts a timer when the MD unit starts recording. At two minutes, this circuit increments the track number from 1 to 2. Every one minute thereafter this timer increments the track number by one count. This Circuit sets up the track numbers of the MD to match lapsed minutes of recording time and provides an index that can be used to go directly to any indexed statement. If the track number and second readout are entered in the transcript, a listener may go directly to any word. Incrementing the track number does not generate any artifact in the audio information. The audio is continuous.

Transcription Capability

  1. The system has an electronic circuit to control the PLAY, STOP, and SKIP-BACK (adjustable from one to one-hundred seconds) functions with a foot switch. Used for transcribing the MD's. Improves the efficiency and accuracy of the transcriber.

Limiter to Protect Listener's Hearing

  1. The system has an electronic limiter with a limit indicator (LED) that indicates limiting. Surveillance recordings usually contain loud noises (transients) that can over time damage a listener's hearing. The limiter prevents sounds from exceeding a safe listening level and lights an LED if the circuit is limiting the headphone level to alert the listener to reduce the headphone volume. Sometimes reducing the volume may prevent the listener from understanding quiet sounds. In this case, the limiter enables the listener to increase the volume which will clip the loud sounds and will increase the volume of quiet sounds making them easier to understand. This can increase the speech recovery of a recording that has very loud and extremely quiet sounds.

Dual Headphone Outputs

  1. The system has two stereo headphone outputs with independent volume controls.


Frequency response:    40 Hertz to 16,000 Hertz, plus or minus 1 dB
Signal-to-noise: Better than 80 dB
Distortion: Less than 0.017%
Sampling Frequency: 44,100 Hertz
Wow & flutter: Below measurable limits.
Size: Mount in 19" rack or set on table.
AC power: 117 VAC, 60 Hertz.
Transcription control: Control of PLAY, STOP, and SKIP-BACK via a Foot Switch.
(Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice)

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