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Speech Enhancement

The principal forensic examiner, Mr. Reames, has a Patent on an advanced digital signal enhancement system and JBR Technology has the latest analog and digital enhancement equipment. JBR Technology is a leader in the field of speech enhancement.

The original tape recording is not changed in anyway during this examination. The enhanced copy contains the enhanced recording.

  • Accurate playback and electronic processing of hard to understand (noisy) tape recordings to improve listening ability and intelligibility. Generation of enhanced copies for review, transcription and/or presentation (Speech Enhancement, Enhanced Copies, Voice Enhancement and Audio Enhancement).

  • On-site enhancement of degraded/hard-to-understand tape recordings at meetings and judicial proceedings if the original tape recording must be played.

  • Electronic enhancement that is optimized for a particular word and/or sequence of words. When an entire tape recording is enhanced, compromises must usually be made in the enhancement set-up. If an identified statement needs to be enhanced, the enhancement process can be optimized for this specific statement - not the entire tape.

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