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Presentation/Playback of Tape Recordings

Presentation/Playback of tape recorded evidence is the final step. Even if near perfect transcripts have been prepared, the Court may direct that the transcript be used as a guide and the jury should consider only what they hear when the tape is played. The best playback equipment must be properly installed and used to present the recording in the most understandable way. There may be ONLY one chance to play the tape to the jury.

  • Presentation of recorded information at meetings and in judicial proceedings.

  • Presentation/playback of numerous (100's) of tape recordings. JBR has designed and deployed custom CD carousel playback systems that store the entire set of tape recordings (from five (5) to over four hundred (400)) and enables the operator to locate and play back any statement in any of the 400 recordings in less than 15 seconds, even if the statement was not indexed or marked before hand. (Tape Libraries, Random Location and Play Libraries).

  • Rental of professional presentation/playback systems for use to present/play tape recordings in official proceedings. System has 60 pairs of hi-fi headphones for use by the judge, jury, lawyers and courtroom employees; isolated audio feeds (outputs) for the news media; speakers for reproducing the audio for the spectators; and a talk-back microphone for announcing information to the listeners along with the optional CD-R playback equipment to locate and play any specific statement in up to 400 hours of recorded tapes.

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