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Video Tape Examinations
  • Accurate, optimized playback of the sound tracks recorded on video recordings for copying, enhancement, transcription, signal analysis, authenticity, and presentation.

  • JBR Technology, Inc., leases a full-service professional video studio to perform the following forensic video examinations:

    • Generation of black and white and color photographs/hard copies of video images.

    • Copying of video recordings with time-index and frame count inserted for identification and location of any image (frame/field).

    • Generation of a video copy that has the subject (or item of interest) high-lighted and/or other people/items de-emphasized.

    • Generation of a video copy that has its "contrast and brightness" optimally adjusted to enhance the viewer's ability to see certain items/features.

    • Straight line/edge enhancement - Generation of a video copy that has been processed to enhance the edge of an object or straight line. Used to enhance the readability of license plate numbers and sharpen the overall image. The process can accurately align the pixels of the video image that represents the edge of an object or any straight line. This sharpens the object's edge or the straight line and in the process sharpens the whole video image.

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