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JBR Technology utilizes computer-based transcription systems that display the Time Domain representation of the audio in a window on top of the word-processing document. This allows the transcriber to simultaneously see and hear the sound (words) and type in the document. This system uses a foot-pedal to control playback and has an adjustable backspace and loop playback functions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the transcriber. Electronic enhancement that is matched for the particular word, phase, or sequence of words can be applied to optimize the transcript.

  • Generation of time-indexed verbatim transcripts of hard to understand tape recordings with matching time-indexed audio CD-R copy of the recording.

  • Rental of CD-Player transcription systems with necessary accessories to produce time-indexed verbatim transcriptions of time-indexed CD-R's made at JBR Technology. This system enables the transcriber to produce a more accurate and complete transcript than transcribing the original tape recording. The transcript is more functional since it is indexed to time.

  • Rental of computer-based transcription system with necessary accessories and on-site training to produce time-indexed verbatim transcripts. This system enables the transcriber (translator) to produce the best transcript possible. Transcript can be analyzed and the percentage of words recovered can be determined.

  • Review, correction, and certification of transcripts prepared by other parties - including other side.

  • Translation of tape recording in a foreign language.

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